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Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

In a time when everything is on your computer, we hope you’ve been adjusting well. Transitioning from everything being in person to suddenly staring at a laptop screen for hours on end was of course, tough for all of us. Everyone is struggling to buy a new pair of ‘blue light glasses’ online and suddenly doing eye exercises. Hours of zoom meetings, after-work FaceTime meetups with friends, and family nights playing some online games. School, college and work, all of it upended. When every part of our lives has been uploaded online, why not our fitness as…

Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

We all remember the good old days where we would look forward to summer vacations, right? Not just the golas and the mangoes, but also the sweet, sweet tantalizing call of a jobless month and a half. No waking up early, no homework. Just you and the endless possibilities of a hot summer day. Fast forward to today, you sit and fantasize about the open, fresh air as we all suffer through an endless summer of work, anxiety and lockdowns. A deadline here, a meeting there and a weekend that seems so close, yet so far. The…

Photo by Marc Noorman on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

You are what you eat, right? If your employees (and you) are eating unhealthy junk, they’re going to feel like it eventually. Their diet is ultimately going to affect productivity (which is important considering work-from-home). So what should they be feasting on instead? Here is what you should encourage them to try:

  • First of all, put down that bag of chips. You’re probably going to fill up eating that greasy fried potato and end up feeling dissatisfied with yourself. And before you head for that Cadbury bar, you shouldn’t be eating that either. Sorry :(
  • But, wait…

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

Scared this year is going to be 2020 version 2? Not at all, because we’re here to help! While you trudge through endless zoom calls and deadlines, we have 10 ways to help you stay productive and motivated throughout the week (and the second COVID wave):

  • Get ready for your day! Go through your routine as you normally would if you weren’t working from home. This will also help you feel fresh and ready for the day.
  • Have a fixed routine in the morning and evening after work. …

Photo by Lai YuChing on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

Never thought you’d have something in common with a meal? Think again. While you look for similarities between yourself, your parents and your siblings, little did you know that the (second) most important meal of the day also bears a striking resemblance to you. But you may think: I’m not as bland as daal rice right? Well, let’s see.

They say you are what you eat. If you have a sweet tooth, and regularly have rasgullas and laddoos on your plate, you’re probably a happy-go-lucky, ball-of-fun type of a person (and maybe a bit ball…shaped as well?)…

Photo by Huha Inc. on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

As you scroll through the endless stream of pictures on Instagram every morning (who cares if you’re late for work?), every third one you come across is either a fit, Bradley Cooper look-alike or an influencer wearing clothes that you could only wish would look good on you. Tomorrow, pakka, is what you say to yourself. Tomorrow is the day you’ll start dieting, going to the gym e.t.c. Your cousin’s wedding is coming up in a month and you have to lose weight to fit into your sherwani/sari blouse. And then suddenly you remember how your mom’s…

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

The gender pay gap, harassment, and double standards. What do these have in common? Each of these represent areas where women are significantly disadvantaged. You would think that these issues are independent of daily life; they happen in isolation. I mean, sexism in the workplace sounds normal (should it?), but sexism and fitness? That seems like a reach. But we’re here to tell you, unfortunately, you’re very wrong.

If you’re male, the next time you go to the gym (whenever they open up, that is), we want you to carry out a simple test. Glance at the…

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

by Mukti Bari

‘Huh?’ is probably what you thought when you read that title. How can you save the planet while not skipping leg day? While you probably don’t think about the environment while working out, there is a way you can incorporate it positively in your workout routine. But why should you do this? Even if you don’t go to the daily (or probably even monthly), your workout habits definitely have an environmental footprint. And not the good kind. So read on to find out how you can adjust your gym habits to help our planet. …


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